I started this site as a seminary student at Memphis Theological Seminary, earning my Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry in 2016, my my its been a while!

If you’ve found your way here, welcome! This site is a collection of writings, youth, children, and family ministry resources, and whatever else happens to come up. I hope there’s something here that feeds your soul, spirit, and/or ministry.

I am orginially from Frederick, MD and have lived quite a few places since then, including Knoxville TN where I obtained my undergrad degree at UT in Spanish and International Agricultural Economics. I am a Deacon in the ELCA and a Deaconess (hence the title Sister) in the Deaconess Community of the ELCA. I have 3 sons, and I’m married to a fellow youth ministry Deacon (UMC). We serve churches in the Atlanta Metro area as of Fall 2022. There are also a collection of animals at my house, 3 dogs and quite a few reptiles that I pretend aren’t really there!

I love teenagers, especially Jr High students, and many have remarked that I’m crazy for doing so and maybe they’re right. But do you remember Jr High? My middle school experience was far from fabulous, and the people who loved me through it were extremely influential in my life. I love the craziness, spontaneity, and energy Jr High students bring to youth ministry. I also love watching them grow into themselves in high school and go on out into the world. I’ve been in professional ministry since 2010 and I’m always excited for what is to come next. I currently serve as the Associate Minister of Families, Youth and Congregational Care.

So come along with me on this journey of life, faith, and family (whatever that looks like for you) and we’ll get through it, together.