This is a favorite of ours for every messy game night.

Supplies needed: Kickball, 2 children’s wading pools, about 20 cans of shaving cream for sensitive skin, ice, bubble bath for sensitive skin, slip-n-slide, a hose connected to a water source for the slip-n-slide

Set up a kickball field, but instead of first base, place a children’s wading pool full of ice water.

Second base is another childrens wading pool full of shaving cream, be sure to find some for sensitive skin, as those with aftershave may start to burn if left on skin for too long. And believe me they will fall in second base!

Third base is a slip-n-slide with some bubble bath poured on it to make it extra slippery.

The rules are as follows:

The game is played barefoot, so in a grassy field is best.

Regular kickball rules apply, if you kick a ball in the air and a fielder catches it you are out. If you get tagged with the ball or hit with it on a throw, you are out.

You have to put both feet in first base, and then you are allowed to step out next to it.

You must stand on second base if you don’t want to be thrown out, one foot in is fine.

You must slide into third base, walking on the slip-n-slide does not count.

Play as many innings as you want, its just crazy messy fun!