Supplies needed: Helmet, skateboard, children’s large plastic bowling set (can purchase at places like Toys R Us).

Split students into teams and tell them that you are going to be bowling tonight.

Set up the pins at one end of your space (this can be indoor if your floor can handle a skateboard, or outside)

Have the first team to come up to bowl but let them know that their ball will be a student, layng down on a skateboard, wearing a helmet. The team has to figure out how to “bowl” the student down the “lane” to knock down the pins.

The “ball” cannot touch the ground with their hands after they have been launched, one student found that if you laced your hands behind your back and locked your ankles you can steer pretty well with your shoulders.

If the player falls of the skateboard call it a gutter ball and move on. Keep score or don’t its pretty fun just to watch!