Caution, if you don’t set rules firmly at the start of this game, someone can get hurt.

Players begin in a circle shoulder to shoulder and someone says “One Two Three” and everyone jumps backwards and yells “NINJA!” while assuming their best ninja pose and freezing. Then play begins with an appointed player who has one movement to try and touch another player between the elbow and the wrist (This is where people can get hurt if the confuse touch with ninja chop).

The person who they are trying to touch has one movement to move away from the approaching ninja and then both of them have to freeze. So if I move my hand from in front of my face out to touch an opponent’s arm I have to freeze wherever my hand lands.

Once the first person’s move is over, play moves clockwise and it is the next player’s turn.

If a player’s arm is touched they have to put it behind their back and can no longer use it in play. If both arms get touched they are out of the game.

Some Notes:
You can only move if it is your turn to “ninja” or if you are attempting to avoid the ninja, but either way you must freeze after your one movement.

If you move when it is not your turn, you are out.

If you slap someone instead of touching, you are out.

To make the game move faster you can have players be out when their first arm is touched.