This is a game a student taught me and it has become a quick favorite. Best played with about 20-30 students

Supplies: Paper, pencils.

Hand out the paper and pencils to students and instruct them to choose a name for themselves for the game. This can be a fictional character, cartoon, someone in the room, someone from school, it doesn’t matter. But they have to remember the name they pick for themselves for the rest of the game.

Have the players hand in their papers to one person, and that person will read all of the names out loud, going through the list twice. People need to pay attention because this will be the only time they can hear the names called.

The object of the game is to have the biggest family, and the way you get people in your family is by guessing their names.

So if I am starting the game and I say “Sally are you Spongebob” and she says “No” then it is Sally’s turn to guess someone’s name. But if Sally says “Yes” then she comes to sit with me and is in my family. It is then my turn to guess another person’s name (Sally can help with the guessing, because we are family!).

Now if someone guesses my name I have to go be in their family, and if I already have a family they all come with me! The game ends when everyone’s name has been guessed and the person with the biggest family wins.